Every Bubble-Up is built with safety features, ease of maintenance, aesthetics, and quiet operation in mind.

•REPCO Meter Control and Water Alarm safety features
•Compact size
•Clean, neat electrical outlet installation
•Patented efficient water flow eliminates need for control panel
•No wiring, pumps or controls near the floor
• FDA approved polyethylene, BPA-free tank

The Bubble-Up® InteractiveTM removes radon from water and includes safety features such as meter control and alarms for vent obstruction, high water and leaks - even during power outages.

The Bubble-Up® InteractiveTM Meter Control automatically reminds you when it is time to perform routine maintenance. The Meter Control is the key to safe performance.

Bubble-Up® InteractiveTM Features

•Pressure gauge
•Flow direction arrows
• Digital flow meter (pictured)
•Water alarm sensor (pictured)
•Status lights show when to change battery
•High water drain pipe connection provided
•Optional blower alarm add-on available

•Triple safety water alarm sensor (pictured)
1. Overfilling water stop
2. Leak water stop (top and floor sensor)
3. Plugged vent water stop

•Triple back up water alarm valve
1. Battery back up
2. Float backup
3. Solenoid fill valve backed up with motorized ball valve
4. Optional motorized fill valve

•Flow Rates
1. 7 GPM, 99% removal with standard equipment
2. 14 GPM, 98% removal with optional equipment upgrade

Bubble-Up Interactive:
Depth: 30" Width: 25" Tank Height: 41" Overall Height: 60"
Bubble-Up Junior Interactive:
Depth: 18" Width: 24" Tank Height: 41" Overall Height: 60"